Saveas matlab overwrite a file

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Using SaveAs to overwrite existing files

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But when I manually saveas from the matlab figure, File-->Save As (save as a PNG file), it saves it correctly without any change in the figure properties. I am using matlab into a labview program and I need to save figures. I have a variable which contain the name I want to use to save the file but I can't use this variable into the function.

I am modifying the data tips to be visualized in the data cursor. Everything works fine, but when I save the with saveas I lose all the changes I have done to the data tips. I'm working on a mac. I have a folder in the working directory with six files.

I am writing a script to read the files one at a time with a loop, change it and want to overwrite the original file. overwrite and append files. Learn more about text file.

Saveas matlab overwrite a file
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